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To have a syllabus right from the beginning of any new venture is just like to have a plan of your future. That means half of the work is already done. AIEEE syllabus 2013 also offer students those who are appearing for AIEEE exam 2013 an outline of the content that they have to study to excel in this exam. The syllabus of AIEEE is decided keeping in view the present socio-economic and scientific needs of the national and international scenario. Practicing thoroughly this AIEEE exam syllabus will also help them during their 4 year degree course as extended version of the same syllabus is being taught during their course.

So students are advised to prepare this AIEEE syllabus 2013 sincerely to crack this exam. The topics that are included in the Physics syllabus of AIEEE are as follows : Physics and Measurements which makes students aware about the fundamentals , derived units and dimensions of physics, applications of physics etc. Chapters like Kinematics , Law of Motion are also explained in great details covering all the important topics,When students will go through chapters like Work, Energy and Motion , they will learn about the these basic forces which are present in every celestial matter. And in same way all the other chapters included in the physics aieee exam syllabus are having their unique relevance. Now have a look at Mathematics syllabus of aieee : Sets, Relations, Trigonometry, Calculus, Permutation and Combination, Limits, Continuity, Coordinate Geometry etc are all the topics that students already have studied in their senior secondary classes. If we go through the AIEEE exam syllabus of Chemistry, students will revise the concepts like what is atom, molecule, elements and compounds, Mole concepts, Method to calculate Molecular formula, States of Matter, Rutherford and Thomson's atomic model, Dual nature of matter , Chemical Bonding, Block elements, modern periodic law, Organic Chemistry concepts and many more.

AIEEE exam syllabus 2013 for students appearing for B.Arch paper includes topics like Visualizing different sides of three dimensional objects from two dimensional drawings, topics that makes you enlightens you with the concepts of color texture, harmony and contrast, development of surfaces and volumes, Sketching of scenes, Transformation of forms both 2D and 3D union etc. To get more details about the AIEEE syllabus, visit exams.edurite portal.

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