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Students of Science background having the optional subjects Biology are eligible for the AIPMT examination. For the reference of the AIPMT physics books students can view the portal. For the three subjects there are a time limit of three hours for both the levels pre and mains. Candidates need to clear the preliminary examination before to sit in the mains examination. The listed information of the physics books for AIPMT can be fruitful for the candidates as to have good marks in all three subjects. There are twenty one chapters that are included in the syllabus of the AIPMT for physics and the information of the physics books for AIPMT covers all these chapters. The topics of measurements, Motion in one dimension, two dimensions and three dimensions are explained in the AIPMT books for physics very well. The Newton’s three laws of motion are well explained in some AIPMT physics books the information of which are listed on the portal. Work, energy, Heat, Thermodynamics, Gravitation, Oscillation and waves are the separate topics of Physics which are explained in different chapters of physics books for AIPMT. The students who are preparing for the examination of AIPMT must be agree with this fact that one can not prepare for all the chapters and topics from the single book. The most common name of AIPMT books for physics is H C Verma that can be found in almost all the students table.
The topics of Electrostatics and magnetic are have more weightage than the other chapters individually. The current electricity, Magnetic affects of current, electromagnetic induction electro magnetic waves and alternative current are the subtopics of electrostatics and magnetic which are well explained in the AIPMT books for physics. For the preparation of the AIPMT examination the AIPMT physics books definitely would be proved a boon for the candidates. Their information can be collected from the site exam edurite.




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