AIPMT Syllabus

Students those who want to make their career in Medical field because of their passion for healing the people, have to give AIPMT Exam. The AIPMT Syllabus includes the syllabus of Biology, Chemistry and Physics of class 11th and 12th. It covers all the topics of Chemistry starting from Basic concepts of Chemistry to Chemistry in everyday life, a total of nearly 30 main topics. Biology Syllabus for AIPMT covers all the topics starting from Diversity in Living World to Biotechnology and its applications, a total of nearly 10 main topics. Physics All India Pre Medical Test Syllabus includes all from Introduction and Measurements to Solids and Semiconductor Devices. As it is an all India level exam so the competition is very tough, so students have to do very strong preparation and for that first of all they needs AIPMT Syllabus which is given in the well known books available in the market and whose information we are providing them on our site. The other study material that they needs to practice with is the question banks in form of previous year papers and the sample papers based on them. Students for every exam you need to follow the syllabus like it is Syllabus for AIPMT, as it gives you an idea about the topics from which the paper is been framed. This All India Pre Medical Test Syllabus is also useful for the teachers and other institutions which help students in their preparations.
This exam is conducted by CBSE under the supervision of Directorate General of Health Sciences. A total of 200 objective questions in Preliminary paper and a total of 120 objective questions have been asked in the exam from the total All India Pre Medical Test Syllabus. In this exam your accuracy, your confidence and your time management all three plays an important role, and to improve all three you need to do die hard practice. And the practice material is available on our edurite portal just a few clicks away.




AIPMT Syllabus by Subject

  • AIPMT Physics Syllabus

    Physics Syllabus Unit : 1 Introduction and Measurement What is Physics? Scope and excitement; Physics in relation to science, society and technology, Need for measurement, units for measurement, systems of units – SI : fundamental and derived units. Dimensions and their applications. Others of magnitude, Accuracy and errors in measurement – random and instrumental e...Read More

  • AIPMT Biology Syllabus

    AIPMT SYLLABUS BIOLOGY Unit : 1 The Living World Nature and scope of Biology. Methods of Biology. Our place in the universe. Laws that govern the universe and life. Level of organization. Cause and effect relationship. Being alive – what does it mean? Present approach to understand life processes; self duplication and survival; adaptation; death as a positive ...Read More

  • AIPMT Chemistry Syllabus

    AIPMT CHEMISTRY SYLLABUS Unit : 1 Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic Measurement in chemistry (significant figures, Sl unit, Dimensional analysis). Chemical classification of matter (mixtures, compounds and elements and purification). Law of chemical combination and Dalton’s Atomic theory. Atomic Mass (mole concept, determination of chemical formulae). Chem...Read More

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