BITSAT online exam is organized by BITS for the students who want to pursue engineering in any engineering field. To prepare for this exam you need BITSAT Books. The information regarding these books can be obtained from our portal. You can also get previous year question papers, sample papers and the information regarding the complete syllabus of this BITSAT paper along with the Books for BITSAT information. The Physics, Chemistry and Maths books of class 11th and 12th are included as the Birla Institute of Technology And Science Aptitude Test Books as according to the experts, students needs to know the concepts included in the syllabus of these classes so their books are included as BITSAT Books.
This exam is organized in 4 parts. Part one includes Physics Questions, Part second has the questions of Chemistry, part third includes questions related to Logical Reasoning and English Proficiency and last part-IV contains the questions of Mathematics. The information about the other important Books for BITSAT of all these is available on our portal. Students book are the best and most reliable guardian that anybody can have, as they guides you at every walk of your life. Birla Institute of Technology And Science Aptitude Test Books also proves to be same for you as they contain needed information about al that that is necessary to know for a student who want to pursue engineering. Because the course content which an engineering students would have to study during their whole academic session of four years is the expanded and detailed version of the same concepts that students have in studied in their 11th and 12th class. For further information regarding BITSAT Books, BITSAT or the other information relevant to them just visit our website and avail whatever we have available for you that too all at one place, saving your searching time.




BITSAT Text books by Subject

  • BITSAT Math Text books

    Maths a subject that tests your Problem-solving approach, it uses different numbers, variables, functions and theorems to reach to the solution of any problem. BITSAT Maths Books information that you can found on this portal is what that helps you learning this interesting and useful subject. This is one out of the three subjects that are decided to be asked from students in the B...Read More

  • BITSAT Physics Text books

    In BITSAT the subjects included are Physics, Maths and Chemistry. For this you need books to study, BITSAT physics books are available here for the students along with the books of other subjects. NCERT Course Books are must to study for this exam as they guide you with what to study and in how much depth. BITSAT books for physics have the same syllabus as that you have studied...Read More

  • BITSAT Chemistry Text books

    Books the necessary to have to prepare for any exam either it is a competitive exam or it is your regular school exam. For Chemistry for BITSAT we are offering you BITSAT Chemistry books that will help you to study chemistry in a very familiar and interactive way. If we do not have the books we have to waste our precious time in searching for the course content, so here we a...Read More

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