BITSAT Syllabus

BITSAT online exam for engineering is planned by BITS, Pilani. To prepare for it the BITSAT Syllabus that has to be followed by the appearing students includes the syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Maths of Class 11th and 12th. To prepare for the part-III of exam the BITSAT Syllabus that students have to follow includes English Proficiency and Problem Solving. The time given in the exam is 3 hrs without break. To take admission in any of the courses of BITS the student should have acquired a minimum of cumulative 75% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Maths in class 12th and they should have needed proficiency in English. Students are encouraged to assess themselves by practicing according to this Birla Institute of Technology And Science Aptitude Test Syllabus. This syllabus is decided by the professors who check the curriculum quality keeping in mind the needed IQ level of the students for this course.
BITSAT Syllabus is an outline of the contents that have to be covered in more details during this four year degree course. The syllabus that would be given during the first few sessions of the course to the students is to make them aware about the objectives and the means of obtaining that specific information gets clear to them. For preparing for the Syllabus for BITSAT the time given is sufficient for those students who have studied well in their senior secondary classes and bit tough for those who have not worked that well. The Maths Birla Institute of Technology And Science Aptitude Test Syllabus includes topics like Relations, Continuity, Algebra of Matrices, Binary Operators, Differentiation, Tangents and so on. Physics topics include Semiconductors, Heat, Light, Waves, Newton's Law, and Force and so on. Chemistry makes you aware about the terms like Atom and its structure, Elements, Molecule, Chemical Reaction, Fusion and Fission, all about Organic, Inorganic and Physical Compounds present around us. For further information regarding the BITSAT Syllabus just visit our portal.





BITSAT Syllabus by Subject

  • BITSAT Math Syllabus

    Mathematics Syllabus 1.  Algebra 1.1 Complex numbers, addition, multiplication, conjugation, polar representation, properties of modulus and principal argument, triangle inequality, roots of complex numbers, geometric interpretations. 1.2 Theory of Quadratic equations, quadratic equations in real and complex number system and their solutions, relation between ro...Read More

  • BITSAT Physics Syllabus

    Physics Syllabus 1. Units & Measurement 1.1 Units (Different systems of units, SI units, fundamental and derived units) 1.2 Dimensional Analysis 1.3 Precision and significant figures 1.4 Fundamental measurements in Physics (Vernier calipers, screw gauge, Physical balance etc) 2. Kinematics 2.1 Properties of vectors 2.2 Position, velocity and acceler...Read More

  • BITSAT Chemistry Syllabus

    Chemistry Syllabus 1. States of Matter 1.1 Measurement: Physical quantities and SI units, Dimensional analysis, Precision, Significant figures. 1.2 Chemical reactions: Laws of chemical combination, Dalton’s atomic theory; Mole concept; Atomic, molecular and molar masses; Percentage composition & molecular formula; Balanced chemical equations & stoichiometr...Read More

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