CAT English Syllabus

CAT Syllabus for English

The English section of CAT Exam is divided into three major sections including Vocabulary, Grammar and Verbal Reasoning. Let's talk about each section in detail.

1. Vocabulary : Mainly based on synonyms and antonyms. The Vocabulary based problems test the student's ability or knowledge of the major meanings of words, secondary meanings, usage , idioms and phrases, antonyms and other related crietria's or section.

2. Grammar : This section checks the student's knowledge of the grammar. Candidate needs to find out and correct grammatical errors. The high level grammar questions are included in the CAT paper which includes important topics like subject-verb agreement, parallel construction, use of modifiers, phrasal verbs, use of prepositions and articles, redundancy, etc.

3. Verbal Reasoning : This section comes with questions to test student's ability to identify and search relationships or patterns within groups of words and sentences.

Vocabulary Based (Synonyms Antonyms)
English Usage or Grammar
Sentence Correction
Fill in the blanks
Cloze Passage
Analogies or Reverse Analogies
Jumbled Paragraph
Meaning-Usage Match
Summary Questions
Verbal Reasoning
Facts / Inferences / Judgements
Reading Comprehension

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