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CDS exam is organized twice a year in February and October by UPSE to take admissions in Army, Navy, IMA and OTA of India. You need CDS exam books to prepare for this entrance exam. These books cover all the topics that are included in all the three subject papers of this exam. The three subject papers are Maths, English and GK. Maths topics that are covered in these books are upto 10th standard. Maths Text books for CDS Exams covers very interesting topics like LCM and HCF, Logarithm, Test of divisibility, Prime and Composite numbers etc. in the Algebra. Problems of heights and distance by using trigonometric tables, different trigonometric identities are all been covered under the Trigonometry section in these CDS exam books. The other Maths topics like Properties of Angles, Parallelogram, Rectangle and Square, Parallel lines, Concurrence of Medians etc. are included in the geometry section in these Text books for CDS Exams. Other topics that are included are Mensuration and Statistics. The subject English has nearly 5 sections namely Grammar, Comprehension, Writing etc. in these CDS exam books, it let students practice the various language skills which is needed by the students during and after the CDS training. For General knowledge paper students need GK Text books for CDS Exams, which covers all the national and international current affairs.
Students these CDS exam books are valuable to other students also who are giving the other entrance exams like NDA. Books are needed to prepare for any exam as they are the best guide that we can refer as they are prepared under the supervision of the academic experts which are in the CDS board. If students want to crack this exam to fulfill their dream they need to follow the syllabus covered in these Text books for CDS Exams sincerely. And after understanding the concepts from these books and practicing the example and questions given in these books, students need to practice more using previous year question banks and other sample papers that will make their fundamentals more clear.





CDS Text books by Subject

  • CDS General Knowledge Text books

    General Knowledge is something which is expected to have from any educated person whether they did some special scientific study or not. CDS Exam General Knowledge books includes all sort of knowledge that is said to be general like knowledge of current events that are been observed in our every day life and Scientific aspects of the regular experiences that everyone p...Read More

  • CDS English Text books

    In CDS exam, there are three papers, English, to test understanding of the language; Maths, to tests problem solving skills and GK to know candidates awareness. CDS Exam English books are available at our portal for the candidates who are appearing for CDS exam to get admission in Indian Military Academy, Army, Officers Training Academy or Navy. CDS Exam books for English covers...Read More

  • CDS Elementary Mathematics Text books

    Books of CDS of all the subjects as that of CDS Exam Elementary Mathematics Books are available at our portal for the students appearing for this entrance exam to get admission in the Defence services of this Country. CDS Exam Books for Elementary Mathematics covers topics from all divisions of Maths like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Statistics and ...Read More

CDS Best Sellers

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