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CDS exam have been conducted twice a year. Notifications have been published 4 months before the date of exam. So, candidates will get enough time to prepare for the CDS exam syllabus. The subjects included in the CDS exam are English upto graduate level, Maths of Matriculation level and GK. English is included in the Syllabus for CDS so as to test the candidate's understanding of this language and it is also necessary to know this language to test students competency in this global scenario where English is must. GK is included in the CDS exam syllabus to text the awareness of the student about the current affairs happening around them. GK Paper also included questions from History, Geography, Science and Technology changes. Maths Syllabus for CDS includes topics like Number System, Basic Maths operations, Time, Distance and Work problems, HCF and LCM etc. in its Arithmetic section. Algebra topics like quadratic equations, Polynomial Theory; Linear Equations in two variables, Set Language etc. are also been included in the CDS exam syllabus of Maths. The other topics like Trigonometry, Mensuration and Geometry is also included in the Maths syllabus. In Geometry , subtopics like Angles, Lines, Similar Triangles, Median and Altitudes Concurrence , Triangles Congruency etc. are been taken in the Maths Syllabus for CDS.
Both verbal and Non-verbal reasoning questions are given to test the candidates Intelligence in the Intelligence and Personality Test which is included in the CDS exam syllabus. The other test to analyze mental caliber are like group discussions, outdoor group tasks and they can also be asked to deliver the lectures on any subject. Overall this exam not only tests candidate intellect but also their Social Traits. All these papers are of 200 marks each and questions asked are 100 of each. And 200 marks are given to Intelligence and Personality Test. Candidates those who want to apply for this exam can get this CDS exam syllabus and other study material from our edurite portal.








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