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Syllabus is an organized and disciplined outline of the content that you have to study for any course or academic session. If you are appearing for the CPT exam than the CPT Exam Syllabus that we are offering on our web portal is extremely beneficial. Common Proficiency Test Syllabus includes four subjects Mercantile Law, Accounting, General Economics and the Quantitative Aptitude. When students go through the Accounting syllabus they will learn about the topics like Meaning and Scope of Accounting, Accounting standards and Policies, Accounting concepts and Principles, Accounting process, Inventories, Partner ship Accounts, Introduction to Company Accounts etc. When students explore the syllabus of Mercantile Law they will find different Acts that are necessary to know for any student who want to be a CA. Like Indian Contract Act, 1872 ; Sales of Good Act, 1930 and The Indian Partnership Act, 1932. All the necessary details regarding these Laws are included in this syllabus and is covered by the books designed based on them. These two papers are asked in the first session of the exam. A total of 60 marks questions are asked form Accountancy and 40 marks questions from Mercantile Laws subject.

Students if you want to know about the Syllabus Of CPT for the General Economics subject. Then you should go through the books that are offered by the CA Institute, so they cover the complete Common Proficiency Test Syllabus of Economics. The topics covered in it are from both sections of Economics: Micro Economics and Indian Economic Development. Topics like Basic know how's of the Economics, Theory of Demand and Supply and Cost and Production and Price determination of different Markets are comes under Micro Economics section of CPT Exam Syllabus of Economics. And the topics like Indian Economy and its Aspects like Unemployment, Infrastructure, Budget etc. are studied under later section of Economics Syllabus Of Cpt. The other subject that is asked in the second session is Quantitative Aptitude.

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