IIT-JEE Previous Year Question Papers

It is a tough decision for both the student and the parents to prepare for the IIT JEE. Around millions of students, all around the nation sit for the entrance exam and only a handful of them actually crack it. A student has to spend his young years studying vigorously for the final test. To reap out the benefits of such hard work, a constant and well - defined methodology has to be followed. If you talk to any of the present students in any of the IITs, you will come to know that they abided by clear schedules and strategies. One of them is to go through all the IIT JEE Previous Year Question Papers.

To your advantage, you will find every IIT JEE Previous Years Question Papers at edurite. Now gear up and start solving these IIT JEE Previous Years Papers. They will benefit you in all aspects. You will learn where you stand in the competition, make up effective plans to overcome all shortcomings and finally eat the fruit of success.

Bear in mind, it is not tough to crack IIT JEE rather it is difficult to maintain that fervor for success throughout your preparation time. Solve all the available IIT JEE Previous Year Question Papers rigorously.  Analyze all your strong and weak points. Work hard and smartly. Build up a strategy to solve, analyze and resolve the IIT Question Papers that we are providing you. Revise the solution strategies. There will be moments when the time you have spent on solving an answer can be reduced by using some tricks. Identify them.

IIT JEE Previous Year Question Papers are at your hand for all the three subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Download the IIT JEE Question Papers and make a difference by understanding their difficulty level. 

IIT-JEE Previous Year Question Papers by Year

IIT-JEE Previous Year Question Papers by Subject

  • IIT-JEE Previous Year Question Papers for Math

    Mathematics acts as a backbone of the subject which involves any sort of calculations either it is Physics, Statistics or Chemistry. So needs a good command. For that IIT Maths Question Papers offered by our portal, are really beneficial. Once students finish with their text book studies, they need IIT Maths Question Papers, to practice the concepts thoroughl...Read More

  • IIT-JEE Previous Year Question Papers for Physics

    Physics is a practical and very useful subject. IIT Physics Question Papers that we are offering, helps students practice this subject. Students can practice these papers to increase their fundamental knowledge. When engineering exams aspirants have been asked about their favorite subject , maximum votes are for Physics. Tailed with maths and then chemistr...Read More

  • IIT-JEE Previous Year Question Papers for Chemistry

    Chemistry is mainly divided into three sub-domains : Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Questions from all the three areas are present in these IIT JEE Chemistry Previous Year Question Papers. As they are the papers which have already been asked in last 10 years. So when students practice these papers they get an idea about the paper pattern. Th...Read More

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