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IIT JEE is one of the toughest engineering entrance examinations that are held in India. Every year lacks of students take the Joint Entrance Examination, which decides if they are eligible for the ivy - league colleges.  A serious JEE aspirant should never take the three subjects (i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) for granted. If you aspire to be in any of the IIT’s, you should practice solving the IIT JEE sample papers from the beginning. Initially, they will guide you in determining your efficiency, work required to be done and building up study strategies. At later stages, the IIT sample papers will aid in finding out your efficiencies and improvement areas.
To aid our future engineers, we provide the IIT JEE sample papers download at our website www.edurite.com. You really need to go through each and every IIT sample paper before the big decision day. Through our IIT sample papers free download feature, we aim to provide you the supervision needed.

Remember it, every IIT sample paper that we have provided in our web catalog is going to test your skills. Prepare for them as if you are preparing to attempt the IIT JEE. The IIT sample papers should be solved thrice. First when you have not started your studies to gain the insight of what you have to  go through. Second time, solve the particular questions in the IIT JEE sample papers unit - wise when you complete each chapter. Practice each and every IIT sample paper thoroughly the third time when you have completed all your necessary studies and revisions.
Make a good use of the IIT sample papers free download feature to crack the Joint Entrance Examination and study in your dream college.

IIT-JEE Sample Papers by Year

IIT-JEE Sample Papers by Subject

  • IIT-JEE Sample Papers for Math

    Students need to strengthen their fundamentals to crack maths section of IIT-JEE exam and that could only be done by sincere practice. In form of IIT JEE maths paper, we are offering students an excellent study material to help them in their preparation. These IIT maths sample papers also include many previous year questions and the other important questions to guid...Read More

  • IIT-JEE Sample Papers for Physics

    Students who are appearing for the IIT-JEE exam, needs to practice hard to perform extremely well in all the three sections i.e. Maths, Physics and Chemistry. IIT JEE Physics Paper are here to help them practice the physics section. They can also get previous year question papers for the other subject sections via our online portal. When they practice all these s...Read More

  • IIT-JEE Sample Papers for Chemistry

    Chemistry is a mystery for those who do not study it properly and those who prepare well, it's a subject which guarantees of excellent marks in IIT-JEE exam. IIT JEE Chemistry Paper contains a lot of questions from topics like block elements, nuclear chemistry, gaseous state etc. The other such scoring topics are transition elements, chemical equilibrium and c...Read More

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