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ISEET, it is basically the new name given to a common exam for admissions in engineering colleges that will come into existence from 2013 instead of AIEEE and IIT-JEE. Sample Papers for ISEET are provided on our edurite website for this exam. ISEET stands for Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test, this exam will be conducted in two different parts, one is ISEET Main and the other is ISEET Advance. We on our web portal are dedicated to avail you with the iseet sample papers for both these papers. This exam will be conducted in 128 citied of India by CBSE, students can opt any city according to their convenience. The ISEET Main is focuses on checking the aptitude of the students so the design of our Sample Papers for ISEET includes the question are based on checking three main domains namely Comprehension, Logical Reasoning and the third is Critical Reasoning. More practice from iseet sample papers, will help students to get proficiency and it also increases the speed of the students to solve the questions.
This is the best way to do revision and identify the weak points. In same manner iseet sample papers for ISEET Advance exam are designed in a view to check the problem-solving abilities of the students in 3 subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The total time for both the papers is same i.e. 3 hours for each in two sessions, one is from 10pm -1pm and the other starts in afternoon from 2pm -5pm. Both these papers contain Objective type questions, so our Sample Papers for ISEET for both the papers also includes objective type question bank. Along with that you can also find previous year question banks. And students as you all know for these sorts of entrance exams there isn't any specific syllabus, but still for your awareness we guiding you that this exam will contain question based on class 9th-class 12th syllabus. So in this view we are offering you with our iseet sample papers for ISEET.






ISEET Sample Papers by Year

ISEET Sample Papers by Subject

  • ISEET Sample Papers for Math

    Maths a subject that needs a complete fundamental study to solve any problem as in it one has to play with numbers by applying different functions on them. ISEET sample papers Maths helps you to solve many scientific and real life problems that you face in your day to day life. ISEET would be the toughest exam for those who would not practice for it and those who di...Read More

  • ISEET Sample Papers for Physics

    The Government of India and Human Resource Development body of India have decided to conduct a common exam for both AIEEE and IIT-JEE, named as ISEET. ISEET Sample Papers Physics are provided by edurite portal to help you in your preparation. After finishing your text book preparation of any subject for any exam you are advised to practice with our ISEET Physics ...Read More

  • ISEET Sample Papers for Chemistry

    The ISEET examination becomes compulsory for the student who wants to take admission in the IIT and NIT colleges. Students can prepare for the ISEET with the help of ISEET sample papers Chemistry that are now available on the portal. There are two parts of the examination first one includes the reasoning section while in the second the part the better knowle...Read More

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